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Welcome to my website! I'm never too busy to take on whatever lettering you have. Take a look at my samples and if you'd like to discuss a collaboration, contact me. My rates are very reasonable. If you want to follow me on Twitter, I'm @DigitalCAPS.

05.09.15: I finally got around to organizing my website store! Well, it's not a store in and of itself, but on that page you will find links to various shops I've opened across the cyberverse. You'll find copies of COMICS, my comic book biography series about stand-ups, sitcom stars & comedians who have made a huge impact on popular culture. Most of the shops were set up primarily to sell copies of COMICS and related swag, but I've just made available "Krystal: Tales of a Trick Baby," my 64-page digital anthology about Krystal, a woman who was born from rape and raised by a genius to be a force for good... all written and lettered by me and illustrated by Marc Borstel.

04.01.15: NOW on ComiXology! George Carlin is the subject of the first issue of "COMICS", my illustrated biography series (that I both write and letter!) about stand-up comics, sitcom stars & comedians who have made a huge impact on popular culture. Launching this series is this in-depth narrative of the eventful (and sometimes tragic) life and career of arguably the greatest and most influential comedic genius of all time. It's been a long wait getting this up on ComiXology! First I had to have them take it down because Bluewater Productions was selling the series without my permission (shocked?). Then I had to go through the approval process myself... but here we are! Featuring the art of Apri Kusbiantoro, you're sure to enjoy this trip down memory lane!
03.23.15: March has been busy! So needing to get away from the desk, I went to SCComicon this past weekend in Greenville, SC. I walked the floor and saw many comic industry folks I know already and some I got to know for the first time, including Star Wars illustration legend Dave Dorman, who was as pleasant in person as I'd heard he was. I also met Viet Huynh who created my custom Krystal action figure last year.

The weekend's highlight was meeting TV's former Flash, John Wesley Shipp, who was there signing autographs and hosting a panel. For the fastest man alive, he gave each fan plenty of time. Such a nice man, too!

And thanks for the Earl story, John!

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