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02.03.16: Crossed: Badlands #93
from Avatar Press

Fan-favorite character 'Smokey' and screenwriter Christos Gage return to the pages of Crossed with a brand new arc! Survivalists are seen as kooks with too much money and too little sense. Having an impenetrable underground bunker allows you to ride out all sorts of disasters - floods, war, pestilence? but in a Crossed world there is no safety regardless of the preparation. When the SHTF you have no help and no hope. It only gets worse when Smokey and his Bandits roll into town!

02.03.16: Webwitch #4 (of 5)
from Boundless Comics

Everything goes crazy as the alien assault with melting flesh rays is in full effect! Matt Martin delivers an erotic horror tale like you've never seen before. Nina is torn between two worlds in a battle for ultimate control over the Earth. The decisions she makes will either save the human race or doom every last living being to a spot on the Spider-Nation all you can eat buffet.


Action Lab
* Awake (Prints Monthly + look for

Awake #0
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Avatar Press
* Crossed: Wish You Were Here (Webcomic/Print)
* Crossed: Dead Or Alive (Webcomic/Print)
* Crossed: Badlands (Prints Monthly)
* Crossed: +100 (Prints Monthly)

Boundless Comics
* Webwitch (Mini Series)
* Belladonna (Mini Series)

Capstone Publishing
* Sports Illustrated: For Kids (themed storybooks)
* Far Out Fairy Tales
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Inception Strategies
* Inception Strategies develops social comics with public service messages for the Australian government. Click here to read some for FREE!


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