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Welcome and thank you for visiting DigitalCAPS! I'm never too busy to take on whatever comic book lettering you have. Take a look at my samples and if you'd like to discuss hiring me, please stop by my contact page. If you want to follow me on my various social network pages, the links are posted at the bottom of this page.

07.17.14: Since leaving Facebook, I want to be sure non-tweeps can still contact me. You can either send me an email by clicking the "balloonvelope" on the Contact page, or you can use Yahoo Messenger or Skype. I'm digitalcaps on both. Then there's Twitter.

07.14.14: Not a whole lot going on right now, so I wanted to post an update here that I am quite available for your comic book lettering needs at this time. Staying busy with gardening chores and getting ready to go on a vacation that by all rights I should be taking now since it's so slow! But no, I have not retired, and yes, I love comics and want to letter yours. So get in touch if I can help.

My lettering appears in issues #31-34 of the 2014 Eisner Award-nominated DARK HORSE PRESENTS (for Best Anthology!) in a three-part time travel adventure called KILL ME in #31-33, followed up by a short in #34 called BREAKING OUT, written by Chad Lambert. That, plus a HELLBOY cover by Mike Mignola in the mix... how can you go wrong? A great set of books to top off a wonderful anthology series. Chad and I also worked on my COMICS series together, so we're getting to be old pros at producing quality art together.

Avatar Press
* Crossed: Wish You Were Here (Webcomic & Trades)
* Crossed: Badlands
* Crossed: Hardcore
* Dicks: End Of Time

Dark Horse Comics
* Dark Horse Presents #31-33 & 35

* Super Mario Brothers 2: The Movie Sequel

Inception Strategies
* I'm the ONLY letterer employed by this Aboriginal-Australian company that develops social comics with public service messages for the Australian government. Click here to read some for FREE!

Keep The Vision
2012 & 2013 Shel Dorf Award Nominee
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