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Stabbity Bunny #2
from Scout Comics

Grace and her Mom struggle to regain a sense of normalcy, walking the fine line between honesty and keeping family secrets. Lena, Grace's Nana, becomes involved in researching the man behind the kidnapping. Glyph emerges from the shadows to move forward with his evil plan by corrupting someone at the school. More is revealed about the night of the abduction with terrifying consequences.

Santeria: The Goddess Kiss #4
from Aspen Comics

The jaw dropping penultimate chapter of the pulse-pounding first volume sees Naomi faced with confronting the true forces of evil unlike anything she's ever encountered... with not only the fate of her existence at stake, but perhaps all of humanity's future as well!


Aspen Comics
* Santeria: The Goddess Kiss (print 2017)

Avatar Press
* All Crossed (print & web 2012-2016), including...
* Crossed: Badlands (issues #22-100)
* Crossed: +100 (issues #1-18)

Boundless Comics
* Belladonna (mini series)
* Hellina (mini series)
* Jungle Fantasy (mini series)
* The Ravening (mini series)
* Webwitch (mini series)

Capstone Publishing
* Sports Illustrated: For Kids (themed storybooks)
* Far Out Fairy Tales
(themed storybooks)
* Far Out Fables
(themed storybooks)
* Norse Myths
(themed storybooks)
* Graphic Revolve
(themed storybooks)

Dark Horse Comics
* Dark Horse Presents (regular anthology series)

Joe Books
* Rebel (mini series)
* Harvey Hits
(regular anthology series)


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