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Rebel #4
from Joe Books

Ducati-driving law student Skylar Moore is the daughter of Joseph Moore, an alleged assassin from The Enterprise, a dangerous organization operating outside of society and outside of the law. But when Joseph is put on trial for murder, Skylar learns he is still indebted to the all-powerful Enterprise - and that there's more to her father's story. Don't miss the third issue of the gritty crime series from Joe Books, based on the original, forthcoming production from Prodigy Pictures.

Jungle Fantasy: Ivory #8
from Boundless Comics

The action-packed conclusion! Ivory and her tribe have been at the mercy of the Lizard Men for too long. Now she has an escape plan, but can she leave behind her new family? The tigress roars in the last issue of the sexiest JFan series yet!


Avatar Press
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Boundless Comics
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Capstone Publishing
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